Phantom Gourmet: Buffalo-Flavored Chips Taste Test

Phantom Gourmet: Buffalo-Flavored Chips Taste Test

BOSTON (CBS) — Phantom recently purchased four bags of buffalo flavored chips from a local supermarket. The spicy contenders were Cape Cod, Doritos, Kettle Brand, and Ruffles. See if you can guess which fiery chip ended up at the top of the food chain.

Doritos jacked ranch dipped hot wings finished in last place. A bigger, thicker, bolder spin on traditional Doritos, these oversized snackers boast an intense neon orange color that made a mess of phantom’s purple gloves. When it came to flavor, these chips tasted a bit like cool ranch, a bit like buffalo, and more than a bit weird, probably due to the presence of chicken fat as one of the ingredients.

Next up was Kettle Brand buffalo bleu. First the good news, these thick, heavy, crinkle cut chips delivered a satisfying crunch and plenty of earthy potato flavor. Now the bad news, the flavors of buffalo and bleu cheese were virtually non-existent. Phantom is usually a big fan of kettle brand, but not this time around.

The runner up is Ruffles classic hot wings. The bag claims that these chips were inspired by the buffalo wild wings restaurant chain, and if hot wings are your thing, then this is your chip. With a pure buffalo flavor a potent vinegary kick, ruffles definitely gets the taste buds tingling. What kept this brand out of the top spot was its texture. Despite their decent size and extra deep ridges, these chips are surprisingly light and airy, resulting in simply not enough crunch.

At the top of the food chain is Cape Cod buffalo cheddar. These thick, waffle cut chips hit all the right notes, with a satisfyingly crunchy texture, a zippy buffalo flavor, and a creamy cheddar aftertaste. As an added bonus, the flavored powder remained firmly on the chips, helping keep phantom’s gloves clean. That’s why Cape Cod waffle cut buffalo cheddar potato chips are at the top of the food chain.

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