The Perfect Blazer To Keep You Looking Casual and Chic


You know those women who have that pulled-together-but-I didn’t-try-that-hard look down? How their enviable outfits make you mentally browse your closet wondering how you can pull that off? Well, most of the time little touches like a tailored pair of trousers, cardigan or blazer can help you snag that look. And while everyone is wearing black (so boring), it might be time to shake things up a little. We’re in love with the white fencing blazer from Pencey Standard and are convinced it needs to be in our closet as of yesterday. The jersey jacket is casual enough to wear with literally everything you own, but the shape is new and modern. Toss this blazer on over tanks, dresses, sweaters or any casual outfit and pair it with fun accessories (remembering to keep everything un-proportional), and you’ll get instant chic. But not too chic. Just enough to make it look like you didn’t try. Don’t worry—we won’t tell anyone.