PepsiCo Yogurt? Could Come True

They're working with German dairy producers Müller

Yes, Dannon and Yoplait are the yogurt brands of America, but they may have a new contender. Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported PepsiCo's partnership with German dairy producer Müller, and word is PepsiCo is looking to expand to yogurt.

Luckily for Yoplait, the brand giant probably won't go into whipped dessert-y yogurts. "The market is growing strongly, but in terms of what's driving that growth, it pretty much is Greek yogurt right now, and I'd predict that for the next two to three years most of the action will be Greek," said a research analyst to Food Navigator.

American yogurt sales have jumped 50 percent since 2006, so PepsiCo getting in on the game is a smart move. And they've been experimenting with healthy food trends for a while; according to the WSJ, "PepsiCo recently launched a fruit purée in the U.S. that's thick enough to be a snack. It is testing an oatmeal-based drink in Latin America." Also somehwat related: There was a Pepsi yogurt flavor in Japan. Sounds... interesting?

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