Paul Bocuse Alive, Despite Twitter Rumors

This weekend, Twitterers started reporting that Paul Bocuse had passed away; the rumors were false

Twitter has once again prematurely killed off another celebrity, this time fueling rumors that legendary French chef Paul Bocuse had passed away.

On June 3, "RIP Paul Bocuse" began trending in the Twittersphere. The origin of the false story is unknown, although Tweeters as of this morning are still retweeting the rumor, some citing website Necropedia as their source. Necropedia has yet to correct their obituary for Paul Bocuse, which says he passed away June 4.

Luckily for the culinary world, however, the rumors are not true. "Paul Bocuse is alive and well, I've spoken with the restaurant. They're very unhappy about the rumours on Twitter about his death," food writer Elizabeth Auerbach tweeted this morning. Whew! But seriously Twitter, please stop killing off celebrities we love.