Patti LaBelle Has a New Mouthwatering Buttermilk Pie At Walmart

The singer says the southern dessert uses her grandmother’s recipe

Legendary singer Patti LaBelle will always be known best for her musical career, which includes the 1974 hit song, “Lady Marmalade,” with her group, Labelle. But like George Foreman, the boxer who made it big later in life with countertop grills, LaBelle has discovered a tasty second career as well – selling pies.

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Her sweet potato pie, sold at Walmart, started flying off the shelves in 2015 thanks to a viral video review on YouTube. And now her new pie variety, a buttermilk pie based on her grandmother’s recipe, is available for a song.

Buttermilk pie is a custardy treat that’s a favorite in the American South. Appearing on the “Today Show” on Feb. 15, LaBelle told hosts Al Roker and Sheinelle Jones that this particular pie is a family affair.

“It's my country buttermilk pie,” she said. “It's my grandmother's recipe and this is so good. I just put a little twist to it — a baby Patti twist."

The hosts loved it.

“Oh my, defibrillator please! Wow. Oh my," said Roker. “This is like your singing in a pie.”

The 8-inch pie, part of the “Patti’s Good Life” line at Walmart, is priced at $7.98. The sweet-potato pie that started it all is still available as well, as are other desserts from the singer’s line. And if you want to bake the sweet-potato pie at home, that recipe is online.


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