Patsy Grimaldi Opening New Pizza Joint

Naturally, Patsy's and Grimaldi's are already taken, so it's called Juliana's

Pizza lovers can start freaking out: Patsy Grimaldi, legendary 81-year-old pizza guru, is making a comeback at 19 Old Fulton Street with a new pizzeria after 15 years of retirement.

Grimaldi (yes, of that Grimaldi's pizza), is slated to open Juliana's, promising even better pizza than current New York offerings. But the comeback still has plenty of legal hurdles.

New York Magazine reports that Grimaldi's owner Frank Ciolli, who was operating at 19 Old Fulton before getting pushed out bty the landlord, has taken the Grimaldis to court. In an affidavit, Ciolli argues that Patsy and Carol Grimaldi are trying to "steal back the very business they earlier sold to me," saying Juliana's opening could cut Grimaldi's business by 30 percent.

Ciolli claims that the $500,000 he paid for Grimaldi's also gave him "commercial goodwill," in addition to the rights to the name, the coal oven, and the furniture.

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The whole saga is over on New York Magazine, but fear not; Patsy and Carol Grimaldi are returning, this time with another investor Matt Grogan, with hopes of expanding Juliana's to Connecticut, Long Island, and New Jersey.