Patrón’s Great Debate After-Party

The Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival goes late night with an after-party hosted by Chef Aaron Sanchez.

Go-Go Dancers Entertain the Crowd at Patrón’s Great Debate After-Party in South Beach.

Judging by the crowd of chefs and stylish festival-goers around the pool of the W Hotel at Patrón’s Great Debate after-party, it was clear that some tequila was just what was needed after gorging at Burger Bash. Patrón cocktails, including exceptional margaritas, intoxicatingly large shots, mojitos, and an exceptional drink made with a Meyer lemon-jalapeño mixture that was finished with freshly shaved ice. It was like a spicy, tequila-laced fruit slushie. Those who still had room enjoyed tasty bites like gnocchi made with potato and with ricotta, and a duo of tuna carpaccio and tartare.

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