Park Theatre

Movie Theater
3440 Cambie St. (at 18 W Ave.)
Vancouver, BC V5Y 2B1
(604) 709-3456


  • Also, the seat dividers/cup holders in the theatre can be pushed up so that you can snuggle with your honey. A nice touch :)
  • Watch for the Sunday morning film series. You get bagels, a muffin, coffee and juice with you admission.
  • Watch out for gums on the theatre seats....
  • Old school cinema. Lack of stadium seating is my only criticism.
  • Classic theatre. They don't make them like this anymore.
  • Get a membership card, lasts a year, get a discount on tickets and get large sizes at the concession for the prices of regular.
  • Agreed about the terrible ticket machine voice. Augh! But the theatre is nice, has a local feel, and is surprisingly big inside.

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