Park Seung-Mo's Intricately Layered Wire Sculptures Are Unbelievable


I must admit, I'm often flabbergasted as to how sculptures actually pull off their art pieces, but sometimes someone comes along that makes me believe in wizardry. Magic is clearly the only explanation for what Park Seung-Mo does with wire. Either that, or he's got a frozen body under those figures. Speculation aside, his Human series is a stunning example of fine craftsmanship, dedication and talent.

Based in Brookyln, Park Seung-Mo is a Korean artist who uses aluminum wire to create the rippling lines of these sculptures. Though he initially started with inanimate objects, like a piano, he eventually moved on to the human body. He achieves the shape by creating a fiberglass casting, which he slowly wraps wire around, row-by-row, to create the finished product. From the folds in a dress to the lines of a mouth, the attention to detail is remarkable.

In many of the close-up photos, you can see that he not only wraps the wire, he tightly layers and weaves them. Some figures feature a unified wrapping top to bottom, while other figures reflect a patchwork-style layering of wires. The glittering wired skin somehow gives the figures a cyborg appearance, paused until awoken.

We have no idea how long this process takes him, but I could tell you for sure that I would give up after an hour.