Parisian Hotel Dining Decadence


Champagne service is offered upon seating.


A variety of breads are offered with Sicilian olive oil and seaweed butter.

First Amuse Bouche

The first amuse bouche includes deep-fried olives, a Parmesan cookie, and salmon with green apple.

Second Amuse Bouche

The second amuse bouche includes a fried shrimp head, chicken broth, and shrimp with mango.


Starter is Bordeaux ceps with figs in a casserole with fig leaf, valletta, and fresh walnuts and creamy fregula sarda pasta with raw ceps.


George V has more than 50,000 bottles of wine in its cellar. 

Lamb Shoulder

Milk-fed lamb shoulder from the Aveyron region in France is cooked for 17 hours and is carved at the table.


The lamb is ladled with au jus and serves two extremely hungry people.

Vegetable Tagine

Moroccan vegetable tagine is served alongside the lamb.

Cheese Cart

The cheese cart contains a seasonal selection from the maîtres fromagers affineurs.


Pink champagne and white-chocolate sorbet on a licorice jelly is the first of three desserts.

Iced Cider Sorbet

Iced cider sorbet comes with a thin apple tart caramelized with cassia cinnamon.


Various sweets including candied fruit dipped in chocolate, marshmallow rope made in-house, pineapple fruit lollipops enveloped in marshmallow, and various chocolates are found on the candy cart.


A cappuccino completes this over-the-top lunch at Le Cinq.