Paramount Studios

Film Studio
5555 Melrose Ave. (at Windsor Ave.)
Los Angeles, CA 90038
(323) 956-5000


  • They want to turn one of my morning jogs into a feature film. Were still working out the details.
  • Zukor, Lasky, DeMille and Goldfish(Goldwyn) formed Famous-Players Lasky in 1916. It eventually became Paramount Studios. The studio stayed in this wood framed building till 1926.
  • Relax, take a breath, you've got this:)
  • Out of all the studios in LA, this is my favorite lot to work on. There is so much history. Also, rumor has it that it's haunted...
  • When the red light's on, your mouth is off!
  • The Arsenio Hall Show debuted here in 1989! Hailed as the African-American answer to "The Tonight Show," Arsenio's show became a staple for the younger gen. Learn more at
  • Quiet on the set
  • Tours are $35 and MUST be reserved in advance! Morning tours will see more activity on the lot, as afternoons are generally more lazy.
  • Home to the production of many Star Trek films and episodes. Star Trek was so successful for Paramount it became known as "the franchise" in the 80's due to it's reliable revenue.
  • If you are looking for an opportunity in the TV industry and would love to get your foot in the door, paramount studios is the place to intern. Great learning environment! School credit!
  • Paramount has been making movies and T.V. shows on its lot since the 1920s, and their studio tour is fantastic. Call ahead to see if a television-show taping is looking for audience members.
  • Oldest studio and only one still in Hollywood! The two hour tours are great!
  • Great tour. 3 star sightings, and a look at a couple sound stages. You can take pictures, just not of anything filming. Reservations required. 8 people per tour group. Our guide, Mike, was awesome.
  • In 1937, Ronald Reagan had a screen test here for Warner Bros.
  • Great tour you get to learn a lot of trivia for the movie buffs and you get to walk around some lots and sound stages. Our tour guide Joe was awesome.
  • Don't forget where you park in Gower... Seriously.
  • People with a paramount Id get much cheaper prices at the store.
  • Don't walk in the cart lane... they WILL run you over!!
  • Buy online in advance and use the promo code CDAD to save $5.
  • Yes, very impressive....

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