Paper Picks: The Best of Paper Plates

We tested 4 leading brands and 2 store varieties to see which paper plate is the best

We tested leading brands to find you the best in paper plates.


Test Notes
 Soak-Through ResistanceMicrowave PerformanceStrength (Timed)
Chinet-Some water soaked through
-SOAKED with oil saturation
-Lots of bean moisture
-Plate holds integrity and strength
20 seconds
Dixie-Minimal saturation
-Some wet holes but no seepage
-Less soaked through although wet in spots
-Not as strong as Chinet
24 seconds
Hefty-Unaffected (they’re cheating — it’s plastic!)-No soakage
-Warped and misshaped
-Styrofoam melted
5.4 seconds
Solo-Water soaked through
-Minimal saturation
-Lots of grease, clear pizza imprint
-Ring of moisture/ juice around plate rim
25 seconds
Store Brand Decorated-Specks of oil soaked through
-Lots of oil saturation
-LOTS of grease, clear pizza imprint
-Plate bends and folds into taco shape
14 seconds
Store Brand White-Minimal oil seeped through
-Plate very saturated
-Soaked through
-Weak and flimsy, folding and warped from moisture
7 seconds

Plates Tested:

Chinet — Dinner Plate, Classic White
Eco-friendly, made from recycled material, compostable
10.38-inch, 32-count pack
$0.27 per plate

Dixie — Dinner Plate
Microwavable, Soak-Proof, Sturdy and Durable
10 1/16-inch, 24-count pack
$0.17 per plate

Solo — Dinner Plate
Cut-Resistant, Heavy-Duty, Compostable
10-inch, 22-count pack
$0.18 per plate

Hefty — Dinner Plate
Everyday Soak-Proof Impermeables
8.875-inch, 50-count pack
$0.08 per plate

Store Brand — Dinner Plate
Shop Rite Decorated Paper Plates
Extra-Strength, Microwave-Safe
8.75-inch, 100-count pack
$0.07 per plate

Store Brand — Dinner Plate
Shop Rite Heavy-Duty Paper Plates – Standard White
Thicker, Stronger, Heavier, Grease-Resistant
9-inch, 50-count pack
$0.08 per plate


Tyler Sullivan is The Daily Meal's assistant editor. Follow her on Twitter @atylersullivan