Panda Trek

Row 1

2920 Zoo Dr (Panda Canyon, San Diego Zoo)
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 231-1515

Foursquare Tips

  • OMG! They're so fluffy!
  • Line up against the left rail as you go in so you're in the front row when you get to the pandas. Otherwise you're behind a bunch of fat tourists wearing big hats.
  • Arrive before noon to see the babay pandas
  • Get here early if you can. The line can get long. Bring snacks to munch on if you're gonna be in line.
  • Long wait times, but definitely worth it. The best exhibit in the zoo
  • Come when the pandas eat and take great pictures
  • Stay on the left rail to get a closer view but this is also the express lane so also be a quick shot w your camera :)
  • Choose the Linger Line! Totally worth spending the time to see the little guy play ;).
  • Don't eat the panda's bamboo. He will look at you weird.
  • The other panda is red.
  • Excellent exhibit!
  • Try to miss the crowds. The pandas love to show off for respectful audiences!
  • all sleeping
  • cute, but you should go to chengdu china instead!
  • The pandas are normally pretty active
  • Es mejor verlo por webcam
  • Los pandas, aunque son dormilones
  • Be ready to wait in line.
  • Waiting time to see the pandas is from 35min
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