Pak Ein's Burger

Kulim, Kedah


  • Pak Ein best burger ever...kalah mcdonald ok...
  • Famous burger in Kulim town since 1988....rare!!!
  • Best burgers in Kulim! :)
  • Top burger stall in kulim. A must try!
  • Service nice, burger nice, price reasonable, and famous among kulim.
  • They open their stalls at around 5pm in the evening and as time goes on, the crowd increases. They can basically make any burgers you request, its cheap price & great taste makes it so famous in town.
  • Even better than Mcdonald.. Best burger in town...hand down
  • Top burger dekat kulim...
  • Burger Legend in Kulim..
  • Terbaik dlm kaw kulim
  • Nice burgers. Cant dine in if it rains because of open air dine in spot.
  • Jumbo special terbaik..
  • Dah tak umph macam dulu. Mayonnaise belambak nak mampuih
  • baru try semalam.. sedap dan murah.. :D
  • Best burger ever!
  • Cik in burger...
  • Macam burger ada tetiap malam conform penuh, sedap pulak tu. Harga standard je
  • Best burger ever!!
  • Jumbo spesel.. terbaik..
  • Walalallalawalwei

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