Pairing Salmon with Wine

From Highfield Estate, these wine pairings break all the rules

Sometimes, a wine and food pairing takes you by surprise even though it fits into the general rules of food and wine pairing.

Consider salmon, which seems to be paired almost exclusively with pinot noir these days. Are these pairings always well thought out, or are they simply there to assert the street cred of the pairer? In this case, he’s breaking the cardinal rule, man!

"I’m so bad I’m drinking red wine with my fish."

Yes, salmon and pinot can often work wonderfully, but would you prefer to stick to the rules? You know, white wine with fish, high acid with fat and the like?

Who out there thought of salmon and sauvignon blanc? Be honest. I certainly didn’t. Maybe that’s because I’m getting lazy or maybe it’s because I have fallen for that trap of seeking the esoteric when pairing wine and food for the shock value, as well as for the pairing value. No matter what the reason, salmon and sauvignon blanc surprised me when the two upcoming recipes came across my desk.

These are two simple preparations that both use Regal Salmon. This must be some New Zealand specialty, but I’ve been advised that any high-quality salmon will do. The recipes came from our friends at Highfield Estate, producers of wonderful sauvignon blancs, which are obviously the suggested pairing for these recipes. I think that sounds great, particularly if you can catch one of the last days of summer and enjoy either of these great dishes while dining alfresco.

Click here for the recipes and wine pairings. 

— Gregory Del Piaz, Snooth