The Pageant

Rock Club, Coffee Shop, Nightclub
6161 Delmar Blvd (Skinker)
St Louis, MO 63112
(314) 726-6161


  • By far the best place to catch our boy NELLY!
  • Hosting the best touring national acts from pop to indie rock, hiphop to jazz & blues. Standing tall as the center piece of the East Loop strip on Delmar, a sure bet for a great night in the city.
  • You're going to need a slide-rule for these equations.
  • The Black Keys were amazing!!!!!
  • Leave now! Run for your life before the pageant "security" beats you down and turns you over to officer woodcock!
  • I understand that security is supposed to have a strong presence on a place like this but seriously? Damn near everyone that works here is a god damn asshole..
  • The event staff is horrible. They turn down REAL ids that aren't even expired if they seem "fishy to them". Almost 22 and had to go in underage to see the show because they are morons. Don't go.
  • Evanescence! Sitting in the balcony sipping my highball like a pansy.
  • PTMFUS!!!!!!!!
  • Voted 2011 Best All Ages Venue by RFT Reader's in the Best of St.Louis issue.
  • This venue is only 10 years old, but it hosts many of the biggest and best music events in STL. don't sit in the balcony - get down on that floor!
  • Bar fights... Yay.
  • See Daniel Tosh!!!!
  • I go see live music here all the time.
  • Go See Blue October, April 21. I'll be first in line!
  • Smaller venue but pretty dope! Saw Ricky Ross!
  • Great venue, especially when smoking not allowed. But they could pull curtains out more to help those sitting on far left and right to see more of the stage. Get there early to get a seat.
  • Great concert venue, also if you get a chance grab a bag of Billie Goat Chips from the bar. They are made in St. Louis.
  • Great venue! Seating is a bit cramped, but you usually get to know those near you pretty quickly around alcohol and great music!
  • Really nice concert venue but damn the security is so strict that you cant sit in the balcony unless your 21. Its like that in almost every section so its hard to have a good time unless your 21

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