VIDEO: Padma Lakshmi Talks About Her Favorite Coffee

The 'Top Chef' host shares her best coffee recipes from Nespresso
A coffee dessert.
Ali Rosen

A coffee dessert.

The ever popular Padma Lakshmi takes on her favorite drink, coffee, in her new spokesmanship for the Nespresso coffee brand. Lakshmi, a huge fan of espresso and cappuccinos, says she used to drink espressos all the time while living in Italy, but couldn't find a quality cup of coffee when she returned to the U.S. Nespresso won her over, with the "perfect measurement of the world's finest coffees." Laksmi talks with Ali Rosen about the taste differences in coffees from different regions, and how to use a Nespresso espresso machine with cocktails and desserts. Coffee and ice cream? We're in.