Pacific Digital Plaza I (太平洋数码广场一期) (太平洋数码广场一期)

41 Caoxi N Rd
Xuhui, 上海市 200030
+86 21 5490 5900


  • 5
  • Before, there are so many small shops and I could find very funny China special pc parts. But the time goes by...looks very normal PC shops.
  • its really bad feeling in here
  • iPhone
  • Everything to make your own PC, all parts you can find here.
  • See the Cathedral accross the street when u need a break:)
  • Irritating sales people.. Ask them to buzz off or just ignore them..
  • Many shops here are capable to fix your broken macs
  • Mobiles, laptops, gaming, repairs... just get into it and good luck.

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