Our favorite PARTY BOX yet!! (Hint…it involves BUBBLY!)

Our favorite PARTY BOX yet!! (Hint…it involves BUBBLY!)


It’s that time of year…we haven’t even fully digested Thanksgiving dinner yet, and the Christmas/New Years rush is upon us! Seems like it happens earlier and earlier every year. If you are smart, you have already ordered your Holiday Party in a Box for your kiddos class party at school…right? Don’t wait any longer…those class parties will be here before you know it! Now, what about New Years Eve – you didn’t think we would forget that one, did you? This year take some stress out of planning with our New Years Eve Party in a Box.


Since launching Little Miss Party in a Box, this has been our most successful box each year, and this year we included even more fun stuff! You are going to LOVE this one. Check out what’s inside :  My absolute favorite part of this box are the POP THE BUBBY balloons! How genius, right? This holiday is all about the bubbly, after after all. These 16″ gold letters can be strung up over a doorway or on a wall with string, or simply taped up over the bar!

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