Our Easter Brunch Tablescape

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Our Easter Brunch Tablescape

Easter Brunch Tablescape Ideas

Easter for us is brunch. It's a tradition. Whether we have guests over or not. 
And for me, brunch is all about relaxed entertaining. Taking time to enjoy those around the table, and just be be present, together on this special period of the year.

Easter Brunch Tablescape Ideas
Easter Brunch Tablescape Place-settings
Easter Brunch Tablescape - The Floral centerpiece:
So I always choose a table setting that reflects my mood. Easy going and relaxed!So I tried to create look to exudes serenity and peace. 
Tulips are in season, and I'm lucky they are one of my favorite flowers. And a bunch of tulips just screams "Spring is here", don't you think?
So nothing fancy when it comes to the table florals or centerpieces. To keep tulips from drooping, I use the ol' Martha Stewart trick with clear sticky tape in a criss-cross pattern on the mouth of my vase. Then I insert the tulip stems into each hole. It keeps them much nicer as the week progresses too!
I think the white tulips (or yellow) would work well to bring a look of fresh, spring and serene vibe I was looking for at Easter.
If you fancy a more elaborate centerpiece idea, then hop over to Bird's Party Magazine to check out a fab tutorial by Tulipina Florals.
To accompany the florals, nothing is more festive at Easter than a 'nest' of eggs. You can get a similar look for your eggs using the technique in this DIY here. Then displayed the eggs onto a white pedestal coupe that had a little birdie perched on the side.

Easter Brunch Tablescape DIY Centerpiece
Easter Brunch Tablescape Place-settings

Easter Brunch Tablescape - The Place-settings:In each place-setting I used my trusty rattan chargers. I got 8 of these in a flee market in France for 3 euros a few years ago. Online, they are $50 a pop in some stores! But you can get similar ones here
My scallop white plates are perfect for any occasion, and to zazz them up, I used a polka-dot plates from BirdsParty.fr to make the place-settings 'pop'.
Beige linen napkins, golden style flatware, and simple footed glasses with cute mint stripes paper straws for those yummy mimosas to complement the look.
For each place-setting, I wrote the names of each guests using a golden marker onto one of the eggs. Simple and so pretty, they can take them home after, or hang them on a Easter branch.

Easter Brunch Tablescape DIY Favors
Easter Brunch Tablescape DIY Favors

Easter Brunch Tablescape - Guest Favors:
Even if we're not having guests over, it's always nice to add a little gift, especial note or something tailored to the occasion, for people will 'discover' as they sit down at the table.
And since this is an Easter brunch, speckled chocolate eggs for afters is a welcome addition to each place-setting. 
I served the eggs into individual cupcake baking cups also in a polka-dot pattern to echo the plates, and placed them onto a super cute mint colored, mini cupcake pedestal stand.
To finish, I added a printable little banner than you can download for FREE here.

Easter Brunch Tablescape Food Ideas
Easter Brunch Tablescape Food Ideas
Easter Brunch Tablescape Food Ideas

Easter Brunch Tablescape - The Food:There's nothing I love more at brunch than a good French brioche; here we get ours at a local bakery. they smell divine, and it's also part of the French-living tradition to go get the bread in the morning. And who are we to change that ;)
I already shared the mimosa bar we have 'on the side' last week (with free printables!), so fruits and drinks are on a self-serve basis. You can't get easier than that for a hostess, and means the guests get to interact and have fun too building their own mimosas and refreshments at the drinks station.
Later in the week I'm sharing the recipe for my Pesto & Feta tart, which is perfect for a relaxed brunch. It's super quick to make, healthy and tastes delicious!

Until then, have a fab week! ♥

Easter Brunch Tablescape - Credits:
Styling, printables and photography: Bird's PartySupplies: BirdsParty.frOther products: Shopping links in the post above

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