Oscar Party Drinking Game

Helping you party like an Academy Award winner... or loser

Oscar Party Drinking Game

Take Three Sips If:

• Someone from The Artist wins and apologizes for their French accent in their acceptance speech.

• The winner is not in the audience.

• A winner has previously won an Academy Award.

• A winner pulls an Adrien Brody and inappropriately kisses the presenter.

• A winner gets visibly annoyed when the "wrap it up" music starts to play and has to cut their acceptance speech short.

• The camera shows the wrong person when a nominee is called, or the nominee is not in their seat when their category is called.


Finish Your Drink If:

• The announcer obviously mispronounces an actor's name.

• You actually listen to the President of the Academy's full speech.

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• The camera catches a nominee having an obviously poor or negative reaction to losing.