Orianne Collins Creates Ornamental Designs Inspired By Dreams


Drawing from the desires of dreams, Orianne Collins has created a line of jewelry that is built on the idea of helping men, women and children celebrate and fulfill those dreams through her timeless designer jewelry. Ranging from casual rings and cufflinks, to ornately decorated vintage pieces, her line encapsulates a wide variety of tastes and preferences, but detailed decadence seems to be her true brilliance.
Hailing from Nyon, Switzerland, Collins was born to Swiss and Thai parents respectively, and often draws upon this multicultural background for inspiration. Despite her love of design she obtained her degree in International Management at the age of 19, first working for a capital venture company, as Marketing and Communication Manager before starting her own communication and events business. In 2006 when collaborating with Van Cleef and Arpels on jewelry pieces for her charity Little Dream Foundation, which she started with then-husband Phil Collins in 2000, she rediscovered her love for design. By 2008 she decided to pursue her true passion and that year opened three Orianne Collins concept stores around the world in St. Tropez, New York and Courchevel.
Collins pulls ideas and inspiration from her travels, heritage, dreams and experiences, jotting down notes and sketches whenever the moment seizes her. Finding a line between modern and traditional structure, each piece is handcrafted to maintain this idea of timelessness even in contemporary designs. Collins' passion for jewelry allows her to express her creativity through "the most universal form in which inspiration materializes," she explains. Her pieces which are rich in color, elements and design, display a passion for decoration and ornamentation.
Collections with names like Tales and Romance bring to mind images of royalty and opulence, and that is what her line heavily reflects. The use of stones such as black and white diamonds, red topazes, emeralds, rubies, jade, citrines and metals of white, blackened and pink gold give the entire collection a feel of absolute luxury that is rare in modern jewelry. While there are more simplistic pieces, including onyx cufflinks and lapis lazuli rings, her true talent is in designs heavy with metalwork and gems. Some of the most beautiful pieces in her collection are those with the most detail.
While she's always making new pieces to update and add to her collection, many are limited editions that she imagines each year. With the beauty of composition and stones it's clear that passion lies in her pieces. Collins creates with the intention to inspire and manifest dreams through her jewelry, to connect the beauty of life to the beauty of her designs, and she's done just that.