Oreo Bites Are Back at Arby’s For a Limited Time

Fulfill your New Year’s resolution to indulge in gooey goodness

Most people hit up Arby’s for the sandwiches, ranging from the classic roast beef to the new Cajun fish sandwich. But if you’re in a sweeter frame of mind, now’s the time to make a trip. Oreo Bites are back for a limited time.

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Despite the name, these aren’t cookies. They’re chocolate doughnut bites filled with crème, dusted in sugar, and served warm. But Oreo lovers are sure to recognize elements of the treats. The doughnut bites are baked with Oreo wafer pieces and filled with cookie crème.

Arby’s didn’t reveal the exact date that the bites will come off the menu, but confirms that the dessert is for a limited time only. If munching down some warm, creamy, sugary chocolate is one of your New Year’s resolutions (and why wouldn't it be?), head to Arby's quickly.


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