The Orchid Show At New York Botanical Gardens

2900 Southern Blvd
Bronx, NY 10458


  • Be sure to wander the grounds. So much more to see than just the greenhouse
  • So lush and pretty! Layers and layers or orchids. Don't miss out! The Orchid Show at NY Botanical.
  • I look forward to it every year. Beautiful Paphs and catts in gift shop this weekend.
  • Beautiful! I go every year and every year it just keeps getting better.
  • Nothing could have prepared me for the splendor. The Vanilla Orchid caught my eye at first, and made me think about the origins of tasty food. I went on to be engulfed by floral glory at every turn.
  • There is always a great program or event to see. Beautiful place! Thank
  • This year there are more variations of orchids than last year
  • Way too crowded and not enough air inside Sobieski was hot and it's just too crowded.
  • So beautiful! Perfect activity for a grey day.
  • Absolutely gorgeous!
  • The orchid show was great this year! I highly recommend going there.
  • Don't step on the grasses

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