The Orchard Restaurant & Bar

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The Orchard Restaurant & Bar

Located on Catawba Island in Port Clinton, OH, the Orchard Restaurant and Bar is an upscale, yet rustic spot serving delicious, sophisticated, culinary recipes. Incorporating fresh and local ingredients, each dish is constructed with such intricate detail that will leave you wanting more. With a full bar, craft beers, and a tremendous wine selection, there is something to satisfy every thirst. They’re even amping up their drink game: fresh juices, fruits, and herbs are used for every hand crafted cocktail really proving the quality and care put into each pour. See how they ranked


Atmosphere: 4 out of 5 bites

Price: 4 out of 5 bites

Quality/Taste: 4.5 out of bites

Service: 4.5 out of 5 bites

 Wow Factor: 4 out of 5 bites (menu, quality, vibe)


Huge props for carrying my favorite beverage!

B. Nektar’s Zombie Killer (mead: fermented honey): Hard cider with cherry and honey. I drink these wayyy too fast and they’re dangerously delicious.


7 & 7: My classic go to. Sweet, light, and refreshing.


Goat Cheese Bruschetta: Lightly grilled focaccia, Reedy Farms fig jam, sliced apple, goat cheese, and local honey. I love anything with goat cheese so naturally, this appealed to me. I really liked the grilled focaccia with the sweet fig jam and honey. The bread was lightly charred and toasted. The apple added a bright texture and crunch and the goat cheese presented a mild tang to cut through the sweetness. You could really taste the quality and freshness in the fig jam and honey.


Lamb Bolognese: House made lamb ragout served over capanelle pasta. Perfection! This dish was recommended by the manager and now I know why. This was hands down the best Bolognese I have ever had. The pasta was cooked perfectly and soaked up the sweet, rich sauce. The lamb was rich and luxurious. It just melted in your mouth and was so delicious that my taste buds didn’t know what hit them. A must try!


Service was great and the inviting atmosphere was awesome. There was a very laid back and friendly vibe going on and it seemed as though every guest was a regular and had a story to tell. Everyone was enjoying themselves and having a good time. I loved it. The Orchard offers a Bloody Mary Bar every Sunday (Hell Yeah), daily drink and food specials, and a seasonal menu to ensure you are tasting each component at it’s peak. The Orchard has a very nice back patio area equipped with a fire pit and waterfall that is the perfect setting for drinks and conversation.  Join the Orchard for live music every Friday. Shout out to @JordanWBarnett.