Open House to Celebrate Success for a Determined New Hampshire Farmer

Pete and Gerry's Welcomes Newest Member of Family Farm Network
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Pete and Gerry's Welcomes Newest Member of Family Farm Network

MONROE, N.H., Sept. 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- It has been a long and difficult journey for Tom Giovagnoli to realize his dream of becoming an egg farmer. Tom grew up on a farm that was located near the Mall of New Hampshire. He worked for the City of Manchester for many years but always dreamed of getting back into farming with his sons, Eric and Andy.

Tom is now proudly living his dream, and on September 12th at 3:00 pm, he will celebrate his success with an open house at his brand new, Certified Humane Free Range poultry barn in Boscawen, New Hampshire. The barn will be home to 20,000 young laying hens that will produce eggs for Pete and Gerry's Organic Eggs, the fastest growing, and #1 organic egg brand in the country.

Early hurdles prevented Tom from building an egg farm, which led him to sell his home and buy property in the nearby town of Boscawen where town officials and residents alike welcomed the idea of an organic egg farm.  Tom built a new home on the property and began preparing the site for his new poultry barn.

"There were several times along the way that I didn't think this was going to happen," Tom admits, "but with the support of Pete and Gerry's, my neighbors, Boscawen's Agricultural Commission and Planning Board and Farm Credit East, I was able to get my farm built."

Pete and Gerry's has long been committed to supporting small family farms, partnering with 125 independent farms across 13 states to supply eggs. Without this support, many of these farms wouldn't be able to survive. Pete and Gerry's not only helps farmers secure financing, but also provides its farmers with a meaningful living wage that supports both their farm and family. Farmers within the Pete and Gerry's network are carefully selected to meet high standards that ensure the best quality eggs from healthy hens. Farms must be family run and small, with no more than two barns, a criteria Tom and his family were proud to meet.

"Tom worked hard to make this happen," said Jesse Laflamme, Pete and Gerry's owner and Chief Executive Farmer. "He's the kind of dedicated and determined farmer we look for as we aim to build long-term relationships with our partner farmers."

Tom's hens will be raised to Certified Humane Free Range standards, which guarantees ready access to safe-from-predators, fenced-in, pasture. Tom and his sons will care for the hens and collect, palletize and store the eggs for Pete and Gerry's, who will then transport them to the home farm in Monroe, NH, where the eggs will be washed, graded and packaged before sent to stores across the country.

About Pete and Gerry's Organics LLC
The Pete and Gerry's Organics LLC family has been raising chickens for three generations and is totally committed to bringing consumers the highest-quality, freshest eggs possible. Pete and Gerry's Organics LLC is a values-led company dedicated to humane treatment of animals and supporting small family farms who follow the strictest standards of humane animal treatment, safety, and environmental sustainability. In 2003 the company became the first Certified Humane egg producer in the US. In 2013 Pete and Gerry's became the first egg producer in the world to achieve Certified B-Corporation status.  Pete and Gerry's Organics LLC believes hens deserve a safe, comfortable place to live a happy, healthy life – and that family farmers deserve the right to keep their lands and livelihoods without having to resort to unhealthy factory-farm practices.

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