Trey's Cuisine: One of the Better Food Trailers in Austin

One of the Better Food Trailers in Austin

This week's review takes us to a trailer that is quickly becoming an Austin Food Junkies favorite — Trey's Cuisine in Austin's Bouldin Creek neighborhood. Trey's is located on the same spot as a couple of our other favorites, the Odd Duck and Gourdough's. Let's face it — most people probably come to this spot to try one of the other two eateries, but the way we see it you have three options:

1. Forget the Odd Duck and hit Trey's and Gourdough's.
2. Forget Gourdough's and hit the Odd Duck and Trey's.
3. Get something from all three places. This is our favorite option.

No matter which choice you make we think that Trey's should be a part of it. Why? First, the service is great. The entire staff loves what they do and it shows. Second, and most important, is the food. It's easily some of the best we've had to date. Trey's, like the Odd Duck, serves the kind of food you'd expect to find at an expensive restaurant, but it's still affordable. The owner, Cowden III, makes everything possible in-house. This includes the pasta and the bread. He also takes the time work on one of the local farms that he buys ingredients from, just so he can be sure of the quality. As much as we admire Cowden's dedication, we are here for a review, so onward with the eats.

The Steak Mac. One of the most delicious things around, hands down. First, take some macaroni and cheese (the pasta, as noted earlier, is made in-house). Then grill up a flank steak. Still with me? Then chop up the steak and mix it with the mac and cheese. Can you see where this is going yet? Then lightly bread and fry it and serve it up on house-made bread with arugula and a light coating of dressing. One of the most genius dishes ever. Born, as it turns out, during Trey's travels in Amsterdam while experimenting with, ummmm... recipes... No matter how it came about, we're glad it did because the combination of the steak mac, the fresh bread, and the greens is fantastic.

Pierogis. We also tried the pierogis, made from house-made pasta and stuffed with potato and cheese. Dave opted for the proshooter option, which is a pierogi that has also been stuffed with prosciutto. The balance between the cheese, potato, and prosciutto is stellar, and the pasta is fried to a nice crunchy texture. We recommend the proshooter option.

Next up are our main dishes. First is the pan seared duck with gnocchi, apples, and blue cheese. Duck is probably my personal favorite poultry, and this did not disappoint. It is perfectly seared and lightly smoky; served in a savory broth with apples and zucchini. The blue cheese melts into the broth, adding its own nice funk to the mix. It also comes served with slices of grilled bread.

Dave decided to go with the crab tortellini. The tortellini is served in a broth made of clamato, that's clam and tomato juice, which lends itself perfectly to the crab. There is a nice seafood flavor that mingles all the way through the dish, but with a nice bright tomato bite. The broth also has sliced cucumber to help mellow out the acidity from the tomato. Like the duck, it is served with toasted bread. A very well-balanced dish and one that I highly recommend if they're serving it when you come out.

While it's true that the Odd Duck gets most of the attention in this trailer scene (and with good reason), we at the Austin Food Junkies feel that Trey's is every bit as good. We enjoyed our meal and will be back soon.