Omoide Yokocho (思い出横丁)

Nightlife, Food Court
新宿区, 東京都 160-0023
+81 3-3364-3235


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  • A lot of food places here, take your picks. It gets very crowded as both the locals and tourists all come here. The shops are all very small so prepared to be sardined.
  • Omoide-yokocho in Shinjuku, or "piss alley" as it's also known, a tiny street lined with small izakayas ready to serve you yakitori and full of salarymen who are happy to chat after a beer or two
  • Two connecting alleys of Japanese street food. Look for the yakitori stall that only serves pork and beef, and the noodle and tempura place. Both will be consistently crowded, but are worth the wait.
  • Yakitori () and Hot Sake!Although literally translated at grilled chicken skewers, yakitori can now refer to a variety of different grilled meats on skewers
  • Better than awesome street food alley.
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  • Fancy feeling like Rick Deckard? Get yourself down here, buy some fried noodles and watch the world go by. It's the closest you'll ever get to the White Dragon...
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  • Atmosphere very good!!
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  • Spiritual home of Tokyo street food
  • Check your prices before you complete your order to get your complete bill. Was charged 4600 yen for ten sticks of yakitori a bottle of beer and an orange juice
  • Its a couple of very narrow alleyways - a shanty town for alcoholics or foodies. Bars are very narrow. Forget the loo if youre sat halfway along the bar! It looked amazing but we arrived too late...
  • Trust your instinct and sit down at a crowded place for delicious dining/grill bar experience.
  • Fresh chicken yakitori with beer is always right; salt seasoning is better than soy.
  • Yakitori street populated with both locals and tourists
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