Olympic Medalist Booted From All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

Boxing champ finds even unlimited buffets have their limits

Opening an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant seems like a good idea until Michael Phelps shows up to get his 12,000 calories a day. The unlimited-food business model just was not meant to stand up to the dietary requirements of top athletes, as British heavyweight boxer David Price recently found out when he was kicked out of one such restaurant for eating too much.

Staff at the Chinese restaurant, which charges £14.95 per person for their unlimited buffet, must have known they were in for trouble, or at least a spectacle, when the 6’9”, 250-pound Heavyweight Champion came through the door.

When eventually asked to leave for over consuming, Price said he hadn’t realized how much food he’d eaten, but admitted that it was probably a lot.

"I’m not even sure how much I had because when I start eating I can stuff my face for ages," he told The Daily Star.

Acccording to Yahoo Sport, Price said that his face-stuffing fugue state at the buffet has nothing on his breakfasts: "I have six sausages, seven rashers of bacon, four fried eggs, a few black puddings, beans, mushrooms, and seven or eight pieces of toast. And I still feel hungry!"

Knowing his own appetites as he does, the 29-year-old Olympic medalist just laughed it off and found the whole situation hilarious, but his fiancée was not so amused.

"It was quite funny when they said I had to stop, but my missus was a bit embarrassed," Price said.