Olive Garden Is Seriously Upping Its Dessert Game

Introducing the cookie butter cake

Soon, the irresistible breadsticks won’t be the best reason to go to Olive Garden. This week, the Italian restaurant chain announced an incredible-sounding new dessert for its menu: a cookie butter cake.

Yeah. You heard us right. A cookie butter cake.

For the uninitiated, cookie butter is ground-up speculoos cookies — those crispy, gingerbread-like treats originally from the Low Countries — with powdered sugar and vegetable oil. And, yes, it’s just that delicious. The spreadable dessert has been huge overseas for years but has seen a surge in popularity in the United States thanks to Trader Joe’s cookie butter. People are so obsessed with the product that Trader Joe’s has expanded their cookie butter line to include ice cream, sandwich cookies, cheesecake bites, and more.

Olive Garden’s new cake takes cookie butter to the next level. They’re describing the dessert as cookies crumbled in a creamy sweet butter, layered on vanilla cake and topped off with a caramel drizzle. Sounds good to us!

The new cake is set to hit Olive Garden on Monday, July 31. So be sure to make your dinner plans for that evening accordingly.

If you can’t wait until July 31 to try this new cookie butter dessert, tide yourself over with our recipes for cookie butter ice cream and cookie butter cheesecake. And for 10 things you didn't know about Olive Garden, click here.