The Old Zoo

Historic Site, Other Outdoors
Griffith Park Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90189
(323) 913-4688


  • It's fun to check out the old Zoo. It's even better when you pack a lunch & bring silly animal masks to take photos in. We bought our masks at Ozzie Dots for like $7
  • In 1912 The Griffith Park Zoo opened featuring 15 animals. It was enhanced and expanded in 1937 by the Federal Works Progress Administration. In 1966 the zoo closed and move to its current location.
  • LA Weekly's Best of LA 2010 pick - Best Place To Larp An Episode of "Scooby Doo!"
  • A wonderful place to be creative - a little hard to find, but worth it!
  • Cool place to look at but its so sad that animals lived in those conditions :(
  • Pretty cool place to check out. Not touristy at all!
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  • Great area to watch an outdoor play or just have a picnic. It's very clean & the grass are well kept.
  • Fantastically creepy, yet sad.
  • One of our favorite places to have a potluck picnic with all our friends! Just keep your drink cooler well-guarded and inconspicuous...
  • Creepiness at its finest! The place is abandoned since mid 1960s of the last century! If you're a thrill seeker take the hike and explore all the old empty cages and the decaying structures. Boo!
  • #GreatHorrorMovieNight at #GriffithPark. #Leatherface is lurking. #Pixie wants to eat his face!!!#TexasChainsawMassacre ... oh my... this could very well be my most favorite horror film.#deharo70
  • It's interesting to see how the "zoo" was before. Makes you appreciate the current facilities animals have now and how far we still need to come.
  • Have a peek in the abandoned zoo. A bit creepy experience. Great photo opportunities.
  • If you havent yet explored the old cages and stone caves of the abandoned Griffith Park Zoo, its time to pack your picnic and head to the SW corner of Griffith Park, just past the merry-go-round.
  • Creepy and awesome. See movie screenings here.
  • Explore the old habitats, get a great view of glendale. Neat part of the park
  • Bring a picnic meal to enjoy in one of the old enclosures
  • One of my favorite easy hikes in LA! It's short & not very steep. Watch out if it's rainy because it will get muddy & slippery.
  • Come to the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride from October 8-31 in the old zoo.

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