Old Post Office Pavilion

Landmark, History Museum
1100 Pennsylvania Ave NW (at 12th St NW)
Washington, DC 20004


  • Built in 1891-99, using the design of architect Willoughby J Edbrooke.
  • Enjoy ice cream cones as you browse souvenir stalls! Don't forget to ride the glass elevator to the top of the clock tower for views of the surrounding area. -- Green Guide Editor
  • 9am: Start the day with a trip to Old Post Office Pavilions 315-ft Clock Tower for an unparalleled 360-degree look at DC and its famous sites, including the Washington Monument and Capitol Building.
  • Don't miss the Clock Tower Tour, this amazing tour offers guests a sweeping 360 degree view of our nations capital, while also highlighting its famous landmarks. And the best thing, its free!
  • Shop around or grab a bite to eat, then take the elevator up the Clock Tower to see a bird's eye view of DC for free!
  • The pavillion food court feels like time forgot it and it is 100 degrees. Tower is great though
  • TeamTRI Tip: one of the top views of DC from the tower. Take your camera and enjoy!
  • The free self-guided tour of the Clock Tower is a great alternative to waiting hours to go up the Washington Monument.
  • Nasty bathrooms!
  • 139 stairs or elevator ride?That is the question.
  • There's airport style security here, so be prepared.
  • Go up to the top of the Clock Tower while you can!
  • The Tower Clock tour (free) offers the better views of DC than the Washington Monument but with less lines and wait times. Check it out
  • Rent bikes or take a tour with Bike and Roll (in the back of the building)!
  • Only structure taller than capital building. Its actually a national park! Take the free elevator up to the top and brethe in some history. Great place to eat a sack lunch on a lunch break. Must see.
  • City Electronic should be called City Electronic Rip-Off. Cheap quality merchandise; often breaks w/in the first hour after leaving the store. If you want to throw your money away, just give it to me.
  • The Bagel Place is great. The cashier is super friendly!
  • Kind of a tourist trap, but the bagel place is the best joint around for cheap bagel sandwiches. Also a fan of the uttapam at the Indian place.
  • Have to go between 12-1pm during the week to hear live performances from local artist/ musicians.
  • This place used to be cool and then Trump bought it and broke it, like everything else he touches.

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