Ohio State Coach Eats Sad Postgame Pizza

Pizza is the magical remedy for anything
DaPatBrennan via Twitter

Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer eats a Papa John's pizza under the stadium after his team's winning streak ended.

Win or lose, the best way to close a game is to go out for pizza. Or maybe eat it under a stadium.

The Michigan State Spartans defeated the Ohio State Buckeyes 34-24 in the Big Ten Championship on Saturday. When the game ended, Ohio coach Urban Meyer was spotted dejectedly eating a cold, personal-sized Papa John’s pizza, according to USA Today.

Meyer sat in a golf cart under the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, with his pizza (potentially pepperoni) and family surrounding him.

This was Meyer’s first loss as head football coach, knocking out Ohio State’s shot at a BCS (Bowl Championship Series) game. They were ranked No. 2 in the nation for college football. And while Papa John’s CEO John Schattner is known for visiting National Championship games, we can’t help but judge Meyer’s choice in pizza.


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