Ohio State Coach Eats Sad Postgame Pizza

Pizza is the magical remedy for anything
DaPatBrennan via Twitter

Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer eats a Papa John's pizza under the stadium after his team's winning streak ended.

Win or lose, the best way to close a game is to go out for pizza. Or maybe eat it under a stadium.

The Michigan State Spartans defeated the Ohio State Buckeyes 34-24 in the Big Ten Championship on Saturday. When the game ended, Ohio coach Urban Meyer was spotted dejectedly eating a cold, personal-sized Papa John’s pizza, according to USA Today.

Meyer sat in a golf cart under the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, with his pizza (potentially pepperoni) and family surrounding him.

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This was Meyer’s first loss as head football coach, knocking out Ohio State’s shot at a BCS (Bowl Championship Series) game. They were ranked No. 2 in the nation for college football. And while Papa John’s CEO John Schattner is known for visiting National Championship games, we can’t help but judge Meyer’s choice in pizza.