The “Offline” Bar Glass that Will Force Your Bar Buddy to Talk to You

Salve Jorge Bar has created the first “Offline Glass” that only stands up straight if it’s resting on a cell phone.

The Offline Glass

Although both are great when separate, it seems as though bars and cell phones don’t exactly mix. We all know and have that one friend who in the mist of bar excitement, loud sounds, and in the company of friends, has their face buried into their smart phone. To encourage people to drop their phones and join the conversation (and real life for that matter), advertising agency Fischer & Friends and Brazilian art director, Mauricio Perussi, has introduced the “Offline Glass.” The Offline Glass combats unsocial behavior and cell phone addition by requiring your cell phone to hold up your glass, as risk of the glass tipping over and spilling.

The Offline Glass looks like your average beer glass, just with a large portioned wedge cut from the bottom. This is designed so drinkers insert their smartphones to help the glass stand up straight, making the drinker free of social media, texting, and cell phone use. According to, the ad campaign and actual using of the glass has only taken place at a bar called Salve Jorge in San Paolo, Brazil. The agency has no plans to implement the Offline Glass elsewhere. At the moment, it seems as marketing stunt receiving a lot of attention.

Yay or nay to the Offline Glass? I can’t help but think this man deserves a high five for enforcing some bar etiquette!


Watch the Offline Glass promo video here!