Oetker Collection Adds Hotel Saint Barth Isle de France to Its Portfolio

The intimate resort’s La Case de l’Isle to get a new face-lift

Hotel Saint Barth Isle De France sits on the picturesque beaches of Flammands Bay.

Oetker Collection has a new addition to its Collection of Masterpiece Hotels, Hotel Saint Barth Isle De France. Situated among tropical gardens overlooking the beaches of Flammands Bay in St. Barthélémy in the French West Indies, Hotel Saint Barth Isle De France has 39 rooms, villas, and suites, a spa, boutique, and membership-only club. Under the new ownership, the hotel’s signature restaurant La Case de l’Isle remains but is undergoing renovation and will debut with a new décor.

La Case de I’Isle boasts oceanfront views and offers a small lunch menu and a more comprehensive dinner menu of fusion fare including salads and fresh grilled fish.

The restaurant also offers "Nos Classiques" (Our Classics) and "Les Irrésistibles" (The Irresistibles), which point diners in the direction of the restaurant’s most popular dishes, such as the chef’s wok of the day and lobster, crab, and vegetable fritters flavored with orange and served with a selection of sauces.

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