RingCentral Coliseum

Baseball, Football, Music Venue
7000 Coliseum Way
Oakland, CA 94621
(510) 569-2121


  • The stadium has hosted Oakland Raiders football between 1966-81 &1995-today, & Oakland A's baseball since 1968. On May 1, 1991, Rickey Henderson stole his 939th career base becoming an all-time leader
  • Don't expect to catch a foul ball while youre here. The Coliseum has the most expansive foul ball territory of any major league ballpark.
  • "Just win, baby." - Al Davis
  • The Coliseum playing field is 22 ft below sea level. The pitchers mound is 10 in. above the field, which means the pitcher stands slightly higher than his teammates at almost 21 ft below sea level.
  • Sit on the OF grass after every promotional Fireworks Night game. Following the final out, fans will be invited to sit on the field to watch the sky high show. Field seating is limited.
  • Visiting in the summer and it's hard to believe this stadium is also a football field. Go A's!
  • $2 BART Wednesday.
  • Wanna meet THE BEST, LOUDEST, FRIENDLIEST, MOST CREATIVE & FUN FANS IN ALL OF BASEBALL? Come to the Coliseum! Sit behind the bullpen, on the rail in 119 or the crAziest exp try the bleachers! ;)
  • Always fun to checkout an Oakland A's game with the best fans in Baseball!
  • Sit in the sun!!! Burrr
  • Anyone who doesn't like the Coli is just jealous of all the A's accomplishments throughout history. Even with Mt. Davis O.co is one of the best parks in baseball! The atmosphere is always electric!
  • Visit The Burger Shack behind Section 132 or the Grill Shack behind Section 211 for great Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, Texas Grilled Cheese sandwiches, and fries.
  • MAX Fact: The Oakland Coliseum is the last multi-purpose stadium to serve as a full-time home to both an MLB and NFL Teams
  • Youll find some of the best tailgates in Lots A and G. Once inside, grab a Saags sausage with peppers and onions and dont forget the side of garlic fries.
  • Great place to tailgate
  • Tailgate all morning pass out and mis the game
  • Go see an A's game!
  • This place is a DUMP!! Just like all of Oakland.
  • Top Dining Options: Kinders BBQ and Ribs and Things are both on the Field Level; Saags Club Level on the Plaza Level.

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