Ocean Beach

Beach, Harbor / Marina, Travel
Fire Island
Ocean Beach, NY 11770


  • Welcome to the land of no. If its your first tine you will understand soon enough
  • Get some ice cream in town after a relaxing day at the beach (highly recommend a combo of mint chip and cookies n cream!)
  • Text "266266 ocean beach to bay shore" and you will receive a Fire Island ferry schedule to your phone!
  • Visit during the week when possible , better parking, lots of dining and drinking deals , less crowded and the ocean remains the same
  • Enjoy a bike ride along the boardwalk and then a refreshing swim before checking out the Sand Bar for some live music and great drinks.
  • A giant chocolate chip cookie from Rachael's whilst people watching on the bench, the good ol days :) Don't miss 'Ms Fire Island' in Sept at the Grove, FABULOUS!
  • I like where you heads at with the Mint Chip! Also get late night pizza at Matthew's.....Oh so good!

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