Obama Surprises Congress With Hoagies

Being on the campaign trail definitely makes the President hungry.

President Obama stopped at Taylor Gourmet in Washington, D.C., last week to talk about his plans for helping small business owners such as Casey Patten and David Mazza, founders of the sandwich shop. When asked how he was going to convince Congress to start passing legislation, President Obama said, "I'm going to offer them some hoagies." And that is exactly what he did.

Before leaving, the President made sure to grab some sandwiches on the go for himself and several members of Congress. He picked up the $62.79 tab, paying with four $20 bills, and then headed back to the White House to enjoy his 12-inch "Spruce Street," a hoagie stuffed with roast turkey, prosciutto, roasted red peppers and sharp provolone.

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