Obama Gets 'Presidential Cheeseburger' at OMG! Burgers

The latest food news from the campaign trail

Just as Rick Santorum got his own salad a while back, Obama is getting his own cheeseburger. Except, it won't quite carry his name.

After a surprise visit to OMG! Burgers in South Miami, the burger shop renamed the American Classic cheeseburger to the "Presidential Cheeseburger." "He made us famous for a day, so we really appreciate him coming to our restaurant," owner Abiel Ballesteros told the Miami Herald.

The lunch was not on the president's official schedule, but was planned for a round table with three university students. Obama ordered a double-decker American cheeseburger (now the Presidential cheeseburger) with french fries and a soda.

In the meantime, rival VP candidate Paul Ryan was also in the area, hanging out at Cuban restaurant Versailles and greeting a crowd of voters.

Mitt Romney, however, has been eating fairly healthy lately, with TODAY correspondent Peter Alexander reporting that Romney's galley on Romney Air includes healthy fare like "Kashi cereals, hummus, pita, as well as organic applesauce. Everything's organic, I'm told, including the ingredients to Romney's favorite, peanut butter and honey sandwiches." We approve, especially if it's crunchy peanut butter.