Campaign Chow: Obama Eats Green Chili, Romney Gets Nostalgic Over McDonald's

The latest food news from the presidential campaign trail

Facebook/Romero's Cafe & Catering

During the first leg of his two-day tour of Colorado, President Obama attended rallies in Pueblo and Colorado Springs. In Pueblo, Obama focused on reaching out to the state's growing Latino population by appealing to them with his populist ideals. But before making his appearance he dined at Romero's Cafe & Catering where he sampled their award-winning green chili (a Colorado specialty.)  

On the campaign trail this week, Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney stopped in Chicago to attend a fundraiser. While addressing a crowd of supporters, Romney spotted a former McDonald's employee, which prompted him to tell a story about his father's history with the mega-chain. According to Romney he was searching for change in his father's drawer as a teen when he spotted a card, signed by McDonald's boss Ray Kroc, that entited Romney père to a lifetime supply of free burgers, shakes, and fries. He explained to the crowd that his father — former Michigan Governor George Romney — would go to McDonald's almost every day for either a burger or a fish filet sandwich and present the card. He never got charged. His son apparently did not inherit this valuable item.