Obama Does 'Date Night' with Supporters, Romney Enjoys Coffee Ice Cream

The latest food-related news from the campaign trail

The President and First Lady will dine with the lucky winners of the fifth Dinner with Barack sweepstakes.

This evening, President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama will dine with the lucky winners of the fifth Dinner with Barack sweepstakes at a local restaurant in Washington, D.C. This most recent installment of the contest was marketed as a "date night" with the Obamas, and three winners were selected.

This dinner marks the fifth of its kind for the president; the first lady only attended one other Dinner with Barack event previously, which took place at Boundary Road in Washington, D.C. last March. Past winning meals took place at Liberty Tavern in Arlington, Va., in October 2011; Scion Restaurant in D.C. (which was a luncheon instead of a dinner) in January 2012; and Lincoln Restaurant in D.C. for cheeseburgers and fries in June 2012.

To promote the sweepstakes this time around, the president and first lady recorded a video recounting their first date.

Meanwhile, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney stopped briefly in Massachusetts this weekend to mingle with voters. While Romney previously served as governor of the state, polling and general consensus shows that Obama is more than likely to win the state in the upcoming election. Nevertheless, Romney made an appearance at Millie’s Restaurant in Nantucket, where he enjoyed a scoop of coffee ice cream before heading to a fundraising event. Romney’s aides also ordered treats, reportedly opting for flavors such as rocky road, vanilla, butter pecan, and birthday cake, according to The Boston Herald.


(Photo Modified: Flickr/The White House)