Oakland Beach

Beach, Surf Spot
Oakland Beach
Warwick, RI 02889



  • Always find some interesting people here. There's never a dull moment when you're at Oakland beach ! :p Anyways, I love Iggy's ! All the food is Fan-tastic !! Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do (:
  • I was down there yesterday,considering this time of year it was really nice and warm,there were quite a few people along the seawall,and walking also at iggys,it's always a great place to go
  • A regular haunt of mine. Walking here typically helps me get my head together...I'm m excited about job interviews tomorrow and Thursday, yet the uncertainty of this whole situation is killing me. :(
  • Pretty views!
  • Not a good beach for swimming. Water is dark and dirty.
  • Changed my mind about this beach. Can't go in the water . Lifeguard said its full of bacteria. And they won't let me feed the hungry giant swan .
  • Tropical Storm Irene made for very windy conditions. Beautiful!! Impressive!
  • Love coming here for the drive and for walking with my pup. Gonna miss the pup hardcore every time I'm here now for a while... :(
  • Great food & drinks! Bartender Jess rocks! On water cant go wrong
  • I drive here very often after work to watch the Ocean & relax. Sometes walk on the beach, then go home rejuvinated.
  • Crowded, idiots doing burn outs, just what you want to be breathing in while waiting for dinner. Just drive a bit longer and head to the shore.
  • Not a very nice beach. Small, rocky, and the water is way too shallow.
  • Go on the seawall near sunset for a good view.
  • Public beach near Providence.
  • Not so bad... It's not the Bahamas or Laguna Beach or Misquamicut but I stand by my assertion
  • Iggy's has some pretty good zeppoles but the new englanders call em "doughboys" lmfao
  • Nice little spot. Relaxing. Barely any people, at least at the moment. Which is a good thing for me. I like it that way.
  • Free parking, and Iggys are the definite perks. The beach itself isn't that great and the water is sorta nasty but if you're just wanting to get some rays its not bad.
  • Yard saling with party and des!!
  • Beach is kinda gross. Found a condom in the sand.

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