Outrageous Holiday Light Displays

Oh Holy Light! Jaw-dropping home light displays from YouTube

Half of the fun of the holidays is taking a drive around town to see all the holiday lights. Nowadays, however, you can see the best of the decorations through this novel thing called the Internet. We've rounded up the most outrageous houses from YouTube. 


This Music Box Rocks
How's this for a Christmas tradition? For three years the Noe family in Crooks, S.D., turned their house into a visual music box on behalf of the Make-a-Wish Foundation, with funding from various sponsors. From 2007 to 2009, more than $73,000 was raised for the charity from the light display on their personal home. That's true music to Santa's ears.


Glory, Glory
Are space aliens, led by the voice of Elvis, attacking baby Jesus? No, that’s just a 100-foot beam from this home’s personal North Star, which sits atop a glowing 60-foot Christmas tree. Approximately 250,000 lights and more than 500 computer channels make this visual representation of the birth of the Savior one we’ll never forget.