Harbor / Marina, Scenic Lookout
Nyhavn (at Kongens Nytorv)
København, Region Hovedstaden 1051


  • During winter, the canal gets all frozen. Beautiful landscape!
  • This is an absolut must when you visit Copenhagen. Picture perfect and great atmosphere.
  • Bir sr restorantn bulunduu kalabalk bir yer. nsanlarn ou restorantlarn karsnda deniz kenarnda oturup kendi getirdikleri iecekleri iiyor ve keyifli vakit geiriyorlar.
  • too many tourist here (and danes as well), but it is always fun to sit and have a beer or a glas of cold white wine
  • Packed with fun-loving people, restaurants and bars. - Buy your beers and other drink -stuff from the grocery store. It's alot cheaper and there is still plenty of places to stand or sit.
  • Nyhavn er et smukt og charmerende ndehul i Kbenhavn!
  • Tag plads p kajen eller p en af de hyggelige restauranter, drik en l el. et glas vin, og studer menneskerne der passerer forbi.
  • Have a beer here and then take a boat tour around the city. Pro tip: use the tour company on the side, has fewer languages for half the price
  • Buy a Beer at the QFakta and sit on the dock. The Tourists sit in the Restaurants and the Locals in the Docks ;) enjoying the Sun ...
  • Walk on the side with the even house numbers and you have the best view on to the other side ;-)
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  • (mussels) - ! )))
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  • Most Danes come here as soon as the sun is shining and enjoy the atmosphere. Plenty of restaurants and cafes to do it from as well.
  • H.C. Andersen var mayor flere steder her i Nyhavn i midten af 1800-tallet. Lngst regerende var han i nummer 20 og 67, hvor han i perioder havde sin bolig. Det er s sandt, s sandt! :-)
  • Lovely place to take some friends with a sixpack of beer....
  • Get a beer around the corner for much much less and sit on the side.
  • Everything
  • Restoranlar gzel yediimiz yemekler ok lezzetliydi.Siyah biray tavsiye ederim.
  • make sure to try the waffles yum