NYC Food Truck Lunch: BBQ Pulled Pork On A Waffle From Wafels & Dinges

NYC Food Truck Lunch: BBQ Pulled Pork On A Waffle From Wafels & Dinges

Perry, the founder of New York Street Food, brings you his latest review on New York City street food.

Wafels & Dinges has become a wonderful fixture around NYC, with two trucks, 5 or 6 carts, and even a cafe on East 2nd St in the East Village. We all know about their great desserts, but did you know the W&D trucks (but not the carts) serve a lunch dish – bbq pulled pork on a wafel.

The menu describes this dish as “Where Brussels meets Biloxi”. Let’s see what happens when it meets my mouth!

The wafel had pulled pork piled on one side, with cole slaw topped by a coolickle on the other side.  What’s a coolickle, you say. That’s a pickle marinated in Kool-Aid overnight.  BBQ sauce was also liberally poured over the pork.

There was plenty of pork, which was obviously cooked with some bbq sauce in it too, in addition to the sauce on top.  The pork was shredded, dense and delicious.  This pulled pork was as good as most other ones I’ve tried in NYC, although NYC is not particularly known as a bbq mecca.  This was not a light meal, but it was very tasty.

The bbq sauce was sweet and tangy, just how I like bbq sauce – and it wasn’t too vinegary.

The cole slaw however was a little too vinegary for my taste.  I prefer a creamy cole slaw, although there are parts of the country where a vinegary cole slaw is the norm.  It wasn’t bad – just not my preferred type of cole slaw.

The coolickle was a little weird, but ultimately tasty.  Pickles and Kool-Aid are not a combination I would have thought of – but by the time my mouth was able to process these two disparate tastes, my mind was already liking it.

The bbq pulled pork would have been good on a bun, but somehow it worked well on a wafel, too. Now there’s a lunch item at Wafels & Dinges that will keep you satisfied until dinner!

You can track the various Wafels & Dinges trucks and carts on Twitter here, on Facebook here, and their website is here.

If pulled pork on a wafel isn’t your thing, there’s always dessert!

 Perry R.)

(credit: Perry R.)