NY Waterway Ferry Terminal Hoboken 14th Street

Boat / Ferry, Scenic Lookout, Bridge
1401 Frank Sinatra Dr.
Hoboken, NJ
(800) 533-3779


  • Ferry over to Pier 79. Did you know we will be starting a new Sandy Hook service?
  • Sit back, relax and enjoy your cruise across the Hudson!
  • Download the NY Waterways App to buy tickets on your phone and avoid the long ticket lines. Quick, easy, and well worth it.
  • Great vantage point for a view of the city
  • Catch the water taxi to Manhattan. Nice!
  • Don't take a long walk off a short pier...you'll get wet
  • Come a few minutes early and enjoy this spectacular view! In awe no matter how many years living across the hudson.
  • For all NY Waterway info, please visit our website at www.nywaterway.com and don't forget to try our Bus Locator www.nywaterway.com/GPS
  • 8 minute commute to NYC
  • Efficient machines and ferry ride. Quick to get across. Just make sure there aren't large crowds.
  • Pro tip: between 3:50pm - 7:30pm, the WFC bound ferry goes to Pier 11!
  • Sunsets are great!
  • DO NOT pay with cash unless you have exact change or don't mind carrying around a pocket full of dollar coins...
  • Beautiful, quick ride, but SO expensive.
  • Unspoken rule: WFC passenger line is on the right, midtown line is on the left.
  • By a 10 pack of tickets and save 15-20%
  • Check out the front of the boat where Harris poses like Leo in Titanic.
  • Check out the NY Waterway APP! Digital ticketing, online schedules and MORE! http://www.nywaterway.com/MobileAppDownloads.aspx
  • Geocache on the pier.
  • Use a friend's monthly pass for quick trips in and out!

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