Nuubia Artisan Chocolate Prioritizes Sustainable Sourcing

Philip Hanes

Nuubia San Francisco provides fine chocolates, French ice cream, and macarons made by master chocolatiers, implementing a method of production which is wildlife friendly and sustainable. For Nuubia, sustainability is integral to the process. This philosophy is explained on the website. "We hope, in a small way, to demonstrate that it's possible to make fine chocolates that are pure, incredible, and made without resorting to using ingredients that are harvested at the cost of destroying forest ecosystems and other species."

Nuubia's Executive Chef, Lionel Clement, has won numerous prestigious awards, including Chocolatier of the Year 2011 and USA Chocolate Masters Champion 2008. In addition to ice creams and macarons, Nuubia offers pralines, bonbons, ganaches, and caramels, as well as other preparations. Yuzu-hazelnut, pistachio-marzipan, lime juice-vanilla, peppermint tea, and coffee-whiskey are some of the flavor combinations explored by Nuubia chefs.

Nuubia chocolate is made with ingredients sourced humanely, palm-oil free, non-GMO, and cruelty-free. Most products are gluten-free, and some are vegan. Even Nuubia's packaging is sourced sustainably. The chocolatiers showcase several key industry certifications regarding sustainable production practices, among them: Wildlife Friendly, Gorilla Friendly, Orangutan Safe, Predator Friendly, and Cruelty-Free. According to Nuubia CEO and co-founder Alexandra Saunders, "Conservation is at the core of Nuubia's DNA and we take great care that our commercial aspirations and operations benefit the preservation and protection of our planet."

While Nuubia was formerly only available to chefs and food industry members, the current retail location in the lobby of Twitter headquarters in San Francisco leverages a powerful platform to raise awareness and advocate for sustainable gourmet foods. Nuubia also supplies Google employees with approximately 30,000 pieces of chocolate per month.