Nutrient in Plants Could Kill Cancer Cells, Study Finds

Apigenin is abundant in plants and vegetables
Wikimedia Commons

A recently-released study conducted by researchers at Ohio State University suggests that a compound commonly found in plant-based foods such as parsley, celery, and chamomile tea may be an effective nutrient that helps in killing cancer cells. It was previously known that cancer cells are able to prevent a natural process that would cause them to die like normal cells, but this study newly links the compound apigenin, abundant in many fruits and vegetables, to a phenomenon by which proteins in the body re-establish cancer cells’ profiles so that they do die like normal cells.

Ohio State professors Andrea Doseff and Erich Grotewold served as the co-lead authors of the study, and were able to conclude that apigenin binds with approximately 160 proteins in the body and thus produces an apparently beneficial effect in causing the proteins tore-write the cancer cells’ nature so that they become able to die.


Of course, eating fruits and vegetables is far from a foolproof cure for cancer, but this study should reinforce anyone’s faith in the virtues of healthy eating.