Nutella Sampling Truck

Food Truck
New Orleans, LA


  • This truck is no where near me
  • Not sure why in the world I got a notification for free Nutella in my area...but it's NOWHERE NEAR ME!
  • Yay free Nutella! W00t! Oh wait I'm in Chico CA. No Nutella. Thanks for ruining my life.
  • I'm in San Francisco how is this close to me???? Bad joke.
  • Very funny notification to get when you checkin in dental office :-) but too far...
  • But I'm in SF!
  • Wow! Neural net gone loco
  • I'm in tampa
  • I'm in Tampa, in what way is this close?
  • Not in fort Myers fl yet?
  • This is sort of close to me- 3 hours away close...try to suggest things a bit closer than this...
  • Booooo you tease, the truck is nowhere near me. #baitandswitch
  • 53 mins away! Not helpful.
  • As of today 9/20, it's in SF! Hurray all NorCal folks!
  • This is nowhere near me!
  • Why??? It's. It near me!!
  • Doesn't help me much in Napa. #fail
  • Good thing I'm driving to LA tomorrow.
  • Free Nutella on apples or waffles plus a bumper sticker and a coupon.