Now Your Sugar Can Be Caffeinated, Too

Staff Writer
Of course ThinkGeek is selling caffeinated granulated sugar. Because coffee isn't caffeine enough

All of these things can be caffeinated with new caffeine products.

Just in case caffeinated gum and candy weren't enough for you, caffeine junkies over at ThinkGeek have launched a product called Jacked up Sugar, which is basically caffeinated granulated sugar.

The point? To amp up any baked goods you may make with a quick shot of caffeine; 1 teaspoon will give you some 46 milligrams of caffeine (about half a cup of coffee). All you need to do is replace a tiny portion of regular sugar with Jacked Up Sugar, for caffeinated cookies, cupcakes, and more. Just don't mix it with other baked good enhancements (ahem).

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"Commonplace cookies are now... caffeinated cookies of power! Boring brownies are now... caffeinated brownies of energy! Mundane meatloaf is now... dinner (but you eat some caffeinated cake afterwards, so it's still good)," the website says. But of course, for best results, only use 1 cup of Jacked Up Sugar per 16 to 24 servings (1 tablespoon a serving) to keep the flavor in check and not go too overboard with the caffeine. Spike your coffee with a teaspoon of Jacked Up Sugar, and have that with some caffeinated banana bread. We're not sure how the FDA would feel about this.